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$150 incl GST | This 6-hour online short course covers extends upon our Residential Finance short course and presents concepts, techniques and approaches towards analysing direct investments into income-producing, commercial property.

$150.00 incl GST
This short course is organised around four multi-part lectures on investment analysis of income-producing assets, discounted cash flow analysis, risk assessment and property development financing.   It is hightly recommended that course participants first complete our Residential Finance course before attempting this advanced course.   WHO CAN BENEFIT? Anyone who deals with non-residential property. In particular equity investors, financiers, lending managers, commercial loan analysts and underwriters, property developers, commercial property investors, asset and portfolio property managers and property consultants would benefit from this short course. In addition this course would assist commercial property managers, commercial leasing agents, real estate agents and other property professionals who wish to improve their understanding of financial feasiblity.   CONTENT FOCUS This short course is derived from a university course taught in New Zealand. Please refer to the below chart to appreciate how applicable the content is to different property markets.    

Course Currilcum

  • Commercial Property Investment COURSES Unlimited
  • L6.1 Business of real estate 00:30:00
  • L6.2 Business of real estate 00:45:00
  • L6.3 Business of real estate 00:25:00
  • L6 Computational QUIZ Unlimited
  • L7.1 Decision making with DCF 00:25:00
  • L7.2 Decision making with DCF 00:35:00
  • L7.3 Decision making with DCF 00:35:00
  • L7.4 Decision making with DCF 00:35:00
  • L7.5 Decision making with DCF FREE 00:20:00
  • L7.6 Decision making with DCF 00:25:00
  • L7.7 Decision making with DCF 00:25:00
  • L7 Computational QUIZ Unlimited
  • L8.1 Risk in property investment 00:30:00
  • L8.2 Risk in property investment 00:30:00
  • L8.3 Risk in property investment 00:30:00
  • L8.4 Risk in property investment 00:25:00
  • L8 Computational QUIZ Unlimited
  • L9.1 Financing Project Development 00:25:00
  • L9.2 Financing Project Development 00:30:00
  • L9.3 Financing Project Development 00:40:00
  • L9 Computational QUIZ Unlimited
  • Commercial Property Investment TEST 01:00:00


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