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$295 incl GST | This 12-hour online short course introduces urban planning practice with a focus on how to read a plan, understand development controls and other planning rules that effect property and how to navigate through the resource consenting and other land use controls processes.

$295.00 incl GST

About Course

This short course features five multi-part lectures starting with an overview of planning and basic planning controls then leads into the Resource Management Act and types of plans under the RMA. Course participants will learn how to read a plan and assess the development potential of a property based on its planning constraints. The resource consenting process is detailed including plan changes. The course concludes with the Medium Density Residential Standards and upcoming planning legislation changes.


Anyone who deals with the development and management of land and property. This might include property developers, architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, building surveyors, housing policymakers, community housing service providers, real estate agents, facilities and property managers, commercial leasing agents and sales brokers, tradespeople, homebuyers and legal professionals advising clients on property issues.


This short course is derived from a university course taught in New Zealand.

About Instructor

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David Wren
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  • Planning Course Notes Unlimited
  • Planning Lecture Slides Unlimited
  • L1.2 Why have planning 00:15:00
  • L1.3 Basic controls – Introduction 00:25:00
  • L1.4 Basic controls – Activity rules 00:15:00
  • L1.5 Basic controls – Residential provisions 00:35:00
  • L2.1 Introduction to the RMA 00:20:00
  • L2.2 Types of plans under the RMA 00:20:00
  • L2.3 How to read a plan 00:25:00
  • L2.4 Check sheet for assessing development potential 00:15:00
  • L3.1 Resource consents – Introduction 00:20:00
  • L3.2 Resource consents – Applications 00:15:00
  • L3.3 Resource consents – Notification 00:20:00
  • L3.4 Resource consents – The decision 00:30:00
  • L3.5 Resource consent case study 00:30:00
  • L3.6 RMA plan formulation 00:20:00
  • L3.7 Plan changes 00:15:00
  • L3.8 Requested plan change case study 00:10:00
  • L3.9 Submissions and hearings 00:30:00
  • L4.1 Planning techniques specific to Business CBD 00:30:00
  • L4.2 Commercial suburban planning 00:30:00
  • L4.3 Industrial property planning 00:30:00
  • L4.4 Subdivision of land 00:40:00
  • L4.5 Designations 00:25:00
  • L4.6 Planning rules regarding transport and parking 00:20:00
  • L5.1 Heritage protections 00:30:00
  • L5.2 Regional plans – Coastal 00:10:00
  • L5.3 Regional plans – Auckland-wide rules 00:10:00
  • L5.4 Regional plans – Conservation and landscape 00:25:00
  • L5.5 Medium Density Residential Standards 00:25:00
  • L5.6 The future – Replacement of the RMA 00:20:00
  • Planning TEST 00:30:00



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  1. Anneri OosthuizenDecember 31, 2023 at 2:12 pm

    Planning and land use control


    This was a good test on what I put to practice so far at TRC.

  2. Review


    This course is useful of a general guidance for starters


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