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Planning and Land Use Controls

$295 incl GST | This 12-hour online short course introduces urban planning practice with a focus on how to read a plan, understand development controls and other planning rules that effect property and how to navigate through the resource consenting and other land use controls processes.

Housing Data Analytics

$40 incl GST | This 1-hour short course provides foundational knowledge on residential property analytics at the asset and market level. This course demonstrates how to obtain and present relevant census data, using New Zealand as a case study.

Introduction to GIS

$125 incl GST | This 4-hour short course provides a primer on GIS followed by a tutorial on using QGIS, a popular open-source GIS application, to manipulate and present spatial information for property analyses.

Leaky Buildings

$35 incl GST | This 1-hour online short course provides an overview of leaky building syndrome (referred to as leaky condo crisis in Canada). This pattern of systemic weathertightness failure struck many markets including the US and Canada but was particularly widespread in New Zealand.

Earthquake-prone Buildings

$35 Incl GST | This 1-hour short course outlines New Zealand's regulatory approach to dealing with the risks associated with earthquake-prone buildings.

Commercial Interiors

$65 incl GST | This 2-hour online short course provides an overview of key commercial property interior design and construction principles with a particular focus on acoustics and speech privacy.


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