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"Think Sharp is an excellent option for those not seeking a full qualification but desire practical property knowledge."

Simon Cook
National Leasing & Finance Manager
Australian HEARING

Property Fundamentals

1 Course
Acquire an overview of the property industry including what makes property unique as a discipline. Plus appreciate that properties are both physical and financial assets.

Building Construction

12 Courses
Learn about residential and commercial (high-rise) construction materials and methods plus construction project management and key building services.

Property Finance and Investment

2 Courses
Obtain core knowledge on property investment from foundational concepts like time value of money through to financing income-producing commercial developments.

Property Development

1 Course
Understand urban planning, learn how to read a plan and determine what development controls and other planning restrictions impeded development on a particular site.

Property Management

3 Courses
Learn fundamentals of professional property management and then apply this knowledge to managing residential investment property and income-producing property such as retail and office.

Property Analytics

2 Courses
Learn basic property analytics including residential analysis involving census data plus spatial (GIS) techniques using QGIS a popular, open-source application.


1 Course
Understand what determines property value and how valuers determine market value and other estimates of value (use, investment, insurance, etc). Extend this knowledge to mass valuation modelling and other valuation special topics.

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Dr Michael Rehm
Director and Instructor, Think Sharp
Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland

Dr Olga Filippova
Instructor, Think Sharp
Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland

Chris Farhi, MRICS
Instructor, Think Sharp
Head of Insights, Data & Consulting, Bayleys

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